Are you interested in participating in the 2022 Calgary Youth Science Fair?

Here’s what to do:

  • students are encouraged to ask their science teacher if their school is registering for the 2022 Calgary Youth Science Fair
  • if the school is not going to register, then the student should ask their science teacher to email for more information about both school registration, as well as registering as an independent entry

Student/Parent Checklist For All Participants:


Please ensure that you know the important deadlines and fair dates as shown on the front page of this website or communicated by your school’s science fair coordinator. Specific deadlines change from year to year and with the fair being held online this year, deadlines will be very different than in a normal year.

Although scheduling attempts to accommodate a variety of school calendars, each year there will be some students who will not be able to participate in the fair due to scheduling conflicts.


  • Along with the Science Fair coordinator at your school, make the decision to do a science fair project.
  • Review all of the information on the Student FAQ’s page for advice on how to do a good science fair project.
  • If you plan to use humans or animals in any way, review the Guidelines for Use of Human Subjects and Animals and Policy 20. File an Ethics and Due Care Form 2A before you start your project (to be filled out online).
  • If you plan to use human subjects then you must determine the risk associated with your project. Projects falling into the ‘significant risk’ category must complete Participation of Humans – Significant Risk Approval Form 2B. The CYSF Ethics and Due Care Committee makes the final determination of risk. Follow the instructions on the form to send it.
  • If you plan to use human subjects in your project then each subject must read and sign the Informed Consent Form 2C before participating. Keep these forms in your logbook.
  • Gather background information on your science project from libraries, web sites, etc.
  • Begin keeping a logbook of your activities and/or experiments (judges will ask to see your logbook).
  • Parents should set aside time on a weekly basis to help and coach children with projects, remembering that all the work must be the children. Make sure they keep a Log Book of their activities and/or experiments.
  • Make sure that you have read all the Entry Rules and Safety Regulations — projects must be in compliance with all of the rules and regulations.

December – February

  • With guidance from your coordinator and parents, complete your project. Refer to the Student FAQ’s page for good ideas on how to do a good science fair project.
  • Make sure you start any experiments early so that you can complete your project by mid-February.
  • When your project is complete, determine how you will be presenting it online.  Because we are holding a virtual fair in 2021, you will not be required to have a backboard.
  • Do a final check to make sure you have followed all the Entry Rules and Safety Regulations.
  • Make sure your parents read copies of all the Rules, Instructions, and Regulations given to you by your School Coordinator.


  • Your coordinator will ask you to fill out a Student/Project Registration Form.
  • Please review the Project DIVISIONS/TOPICS before you fill out your Student/Project Registration Form.
  • Make sure that your Student/Project Registration Form is filled out correctly and returned to the School Coordinator on time. This form will be used by your coordinator to register your project online.
  • If you are planning on participating in the fair, you must be registered by February 12


  • During March, you need to complete your online project.
  • After March 11 at 9:00 am no further modifications to your online project will be allowed.
  • The medal round of judging will occur during the period of March 20-25.
  • Again, review the Project FAQ page for advice and information on how to do a good science fair project.

Student/Project Registration and Completion

  • You must have your project registered online by February 12
  • You must have your project completed online by March 11.  After this date, no further changes to your project will be allowed.


  • Judging will occur online in 2022.  For the first round all judging will be online only so make sure you have everything that you want available online.
  • If you are selected to be judged for the second round, you will be contacted and assigned a time for an online judging interview.

Public Viewing and Award Ceremony

  • The public will be able to view your project online
  • We are planning on holding an online awards ceremony on April 9.  Watch for further details on this event.