With your help, the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF) offers Calgary students an opportunity to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and to share their pursuits and be recognized for their efforts. The CYFS is free to all student participants thanks to the generous support of our corporate sponsors and to individual donors like yourself. With over 900 student participants annually, your support of the CYSF can make a significant difference and be the catalyst for amazing STEM innovation and exploration!

The CYSF is completely volunteer-run and relies solely on funding from individual donors, corporate sponsors, and fundraising initiatives without any financial support from the school boards. The CYSF is dedicated to supporting and recognizing Calgary students’ pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through the lens of the scientific method and the development and application of academic principles.

The CYSF Society is a registered charity with the Government of Alberta and with the Government of Canada Revenue Agency.

The CYSF is proud to be part of the Benevity Goodness Platform. If your company participates in Benevity’s giving initiatives we invite you to consider the CYSF!

The CYSF proudly maintains profiles with three online donation sites in order to allow you to make your donation through the portal that works for you! Depending on where you work, who you know, and how you bank there may be a benefit to you of selecting a particular site. Your workplace may have a matching or incentive program as part of a workplace giving initiative, your friends may be working together to maximize your charitable impact, or your bank may chip in a little extra. Conversely, you may just like the look of one site better or simply pick the first one you see, no matter how you decide to donate, we appreciate your support!

We look forward to sharing our CYSF Wish List with you. Student awards, medals, printing, video, exhibiting services, and graphic design as well as other items and professional services are welcomed!

Contact us at donate@cysf.org to discuss how you can make a difference!

The CYSF Endowment Fund, held with the Calgary Foundation is currently being grown to sustain the awesomeness of the CYSF. Visit the CYSF Endowment Fund page or make a donation through the online options below!

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