Each year there are several hundred people from Calgary who volunteer to be judges at the Calgary Youth Science Fair. Without these volunteers, the fair would not be possible.

There will be two rounds of judging for the 2021 fair.  The first round (the Medal Round) will be completed during the period of March 20-26.  The second round (the Award Round) will be during the period of April 6-15.  The first round will be based entirely on the project as it has been posted online and will not include an interview with the student(s).  The second round however will include virtual interviews with the student(s).

If you are interested in being a judge at the science fair, and are at least 19 years old or attending a post-secondary institution, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Review the Judges FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Fill out the Judges Registration Form (available Feb 8 2021).
  • If you haven’t judged before, or if you’d like a refresher, view a recording of a Judging Seminar (to be released) before the fair. The seminar helps judges become more familiar with the fair, the scientific method, judging procedures, and communicating with young scientists. Returning judges who would like a refresher on the judging process are also encouraged to view the video.
  • Be available to judge during the time periods mentioned above.

If after reading the Frequently Asked Questions, you have questions that still haven’t been answered, please contact CYSF Judging.